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1. Are there any costs associated with the Capital Access Center?

No fees are associated with the program.

2. Do I have to be a client of the KSBDC? 

Yes, but sign up is simple and free! Visit for more information.

3. Do I still work with my current advisor?

Yes, our department works with your current advisor to help develop a plan for your credit request.

4. Can I enter the program at any stage of a credit request, whether it is a start-up, underwriting, finishing business plan, etc.?

Yes, our CAC advisors can work with a client at any stage of a credit request.


5. Can I still work with my current bank while also working with the Capital Access Center?

Absolutely, and we encourage our clients to seek out their current banking relationship with a credit request.

6. Do I have to be a Kansas business to work with the Capital Access Center?

We prefer that you seek resources within your geographic territory. There are many great resources available and the CAC can help guide you to the appropriate partner(s).

7. What if I do not have all my financials? 

We can help advise to a certain extent, but not having a full slate of financials makes it difficult for an in-depth analysis of the company.

8. Do you exclude any particular industry? 

We are able to work with all industries that meet SBA eligibility guidelines.

9. Is there a minimum loan amount for the CAC?

At this time there is no minimum.

10. How long does the process take?

Because each credit request encounters many variables, a true timeline cannot be established without direct consultation with a CAC advisor.     

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