Step 4: Review & Finalize Business Plan & Financial Projection info

A:  Local SBDC Expert Staff Review & Assistance

  • At this stage, the Local SBDC staff is brought in for an Expert Review of your Business Plan & to assist in finalizing Financial Projections with you. 

  • This is a critical step, as the Local SBDC staff will have additional contacts within the local Lending Community and be aware of all local trends, opportunities, and challenges.

B:  Optional:  Capital Access Center Underwriting Simulations & "Ask a Banker" questions

  • This is for when Steps 1, 2, 3 have been completed and you are either in or have completed step 4A (regardless of whether or not you worked with the Kansas SBDC to get to this point)

  • At least one of the following applies:

    • The loan is in excess of $1m and/or utilizing SBA 504 Loan Program

    • Complex Deal Structures where help is needed to find Financing Partners and to better understand the "participation" of multiple financial partners and/or the SBA Guarantee Program & Fees

    • You have an "Ask a Banker" type question that you would feel more comfortable asking a "confidential advisor" instead of the actual Lender that you might be utilizing.  No question is a bad question here, we won't judge you on the type of question - we are here to help answer all your financing questions - no matter how trivial or silly you think they may be.

  • Ready to get started with the CAC assistance?  Great, fill out the CAC Client Prescreen Questionnaire and email it to Vince Haworth, CAC Director, at  When the Questionnaire is received, Vince will contact you to discuss.  If you have not signed up as a Kansas SBDC Client to receive this assistance at no cost, please do so here - it's quick and easy and keeps all of our conversations confidential.

Step 5: Borrower Begins Meeting/Providing Info to Lenders