Step 3: Financial History & Projections Info Collection

A: Financial Projection Info Sheet (Preliminary)
B: Historical Financials of the Borrower & Business to have ready for Step 4 & 5 (3 years)

  • Personal Tax Returns of Borrower(s)

    • Include any/all K-1's and Schedules C, E, F​

      • If any K-1's show negative net income, be prepared to show any "Affiliate Business" Financials

  • Business Tax Returns (including for Seller if you are Buying a Business)

  • Profit & Loss Statement (P&L for past 3 years plus monthly year to date)

  • Balance Sheet for the past 3 years plus most recent info on:

    • Inventory  & Equipment Listing as applicable (list with current "used value"​ for large value items)

    • Current Accounts Receivable/Payable Reports

    • Business Debt Payment Schedule (Existing Debt Amortization Schedules, etc.)

C: Personal Financial Statement

  • Although your lender will usually have their own version of this document that you will need to fill out, the info asked will be nearly identical to this SBA Personal Financial Statement (Form413). To speed up the Lender process, start pulling this info together now for when you meet with the Lender.